Traduction de département



nom masculin
  1. [du territoire français]     département, department
    les départements d'outre-mer    French overseas departments
  2. [service]     department, service, division
    le département du contentieux    the legal department
  3. [ministère]     department, ministry
    département ministériel    ministry
    le Département d'État    the State Department, the Department of State
  4. (Suisse)   administrative authority in a Swiss canton


One of the three main administrative divisions in France. There are a hundred in all, four of which are overseas. Each is run by a conseil général, which has its headquarters in the principal town of the département.

Départements are numbered in alphabetical order (with a few exceptions in Île de France). The number is often used to refer to the department, particularly for the Paris area, and it is not uncommon to hear people say j'habite dans le 91 meaning j'habite dans l'Essonne.

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