Traduction de examiner



verbe transitif Conjugaison
  1. [réfléchir sur - dossier, documents]     Conjugaison to examine, Conjugaison to go through (inseparable)
    [ - circonstances]     Conjugaison to examine
    [ - affaire]     Conjugaison to investigate, to examine, to go into (inseparable)
  2. [regarder de près - meuble, signature, etc.]     Conjugaison to examine
    [ - personne]     to look carefully at, Conjugaison to study
    [ - appartement]     to have a look around
      la police examine les lieux du crime    the police are examining the scene of the crime
      examiner quelque chose à la loupe
    1. (sens propre)    to look at something through a magnifying glass
    2. (figuré)    to have a very close look at, to scrutinize
  3. médecine [lésion, malade]     Conjugaison to examine
      se faire examiner les yeux    to have one's eyes tested
  4. éducation & université [candidat]     Conjugaison to examine


verbe pronominal (emploi réfléchi)
   to examine oneself


verbe pronominal (emploi réciproque)
   to scrutinize one another ou each other
  ils s'examinaient avec méfiance    they were eyeing each other up

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  • The thief ran … because the police was there.