Traduction de élection



nom féminin
  1. [procédure]     election, polls
    les élections ont lieu aujourd'hui    it's election ou polling day today
    procéder à une élection    to hold an election
    se présenter aux élections    to stand in the elections (UK), to run for office ou as a candidate (US)
    élections cantonales   elections held every three years to elect half the members of the Conseil général
    élections législatives    general elections (held every five years)
    élections municipales    local ou council (UK) elections (held every six years)
    élection partielle    by-election
    élection présidentielle    presidential election
    élections régionales   elections held every six years to elect members of the Conseil régional
    élections sénatoriales   elections held every three years to elect one third of the members of the Sénat
  2. [nomination]     election
    son élection à la présidence    her election as president ou to the presidency
  3. droit
    élection de domicile    choice of domicile


locution adjectivale
[choisi - patrie, famille]     of one's own choice ou choosing, chosen


All French citizens aged eighteen or over are entitled to vote in elections, after they have registered on the electoral rolls. Elections usually take place on a Sunday and polling stations are often set up in local schools. Voters go to a booth and put their voting slip in an envelope which is placed in the ballot box (l'urne) supervised by an assesseur, who then utters the words a voté !

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