verbo transitivo Conjugaison
1. [generalmente]   Conjugaison to pass
[noticia, aviso]   Conjugaison to pass on
 ¿me pasas la sal?   would you pass me the salt?
 pasar algo por [filtrar]   to pass something through
2. [cruzar]   Conjugaison to cross
 pasar la calle   to cross the road
 pasé el río a nado   I swam across the river
3. [traspasar]   to pass through
4. [trasladar]
 pasar algo a   to move something to
5. [llevar adentro]   to show in
 el criado nos pasó al salón   the butler showed us into the living room
6. [contagiar]
 pasar algo a alguien   to give something to somebody, to infect somebody with something
 me has pasado la tos   you've given me your cough
7. [admitir - instancia etc]   Conjugaison to accept
8. [consentir]
 pasar algo a alguien   to let somebody get away with something
9. [rebasar - en el espacio]   Conjugaison to go through
[ - en el tiempo]   to have been through
 pasar un semáforo en rojo   to go through a red light
10. [emplear - tiempo]   Conjugaison to spend
 pasó dos años en Roma   he spent two years in Rome
11. [padecer]   Conjugaison to go through, Conjugaison to suffer
 pasarlo mal   to have a hard time of it
12. [sobrepasar]
 ya ha pasado los veinticinco   he's over twenty-five now
 mi hijo me pasa ya dos centímetros   my son is already two centimetres taller than me
13. [adelantar - coche, contrincante etc]   Conjugaison to overtake
14. CINE   Conjugaison to show



verbo intransitivo Conjugaison
1. [generalmente]   Conjugaison to pass, Conjugaison to go
 pasó por mi lado   he passed by my side
 el autobús pasa por mi casa   the bus goes past o passes in front of my house
 el Manzanares pasa por Madrid   the Manzanares goes o passes through Madrid
 he pasado por tu calle   I went down your street
 pasar de ... a ...   to go o pass from ... to ...
 pasar de largo   to go by
2. [entrar]   to go/come in
 ¡pase!   come in!
3. [poder entrar]
 pasar (por)   to go (through)
 por ahí no pasa   it won't go through there
4. [ir un momento]   Conjugaison to pop in
 pasaré por mi oficina/por tu casa   I'll pop into my office/round to your place
5. [suceder]   Conjugaison to happen
 ¿qué pasa aquí?   what's going on here?
 ¿qué pasa?   what's the matter?
 pase lo que pase   whatever happens, come what may
6. [terminarse]   to be over
 pasó la Navidad   Christmas is over
7. [transcurrir]   Conjugaison to go by
8. [cambiar - acción]
 pasar a   to move on to
 pasemos a otra cosa   let's move on to something else
9. [conformarse]
 pasar (con/sin algo)   to make do (with/without something)
 tendrá que pasar sin coche   she'll have to make do without a car
10. [servir]   to be all right, to be usable
 puede pasar   it'll do
11. (familiar) [prescindir]
 pasar de algo/alguien   to want nothing to do with something/somebody
 paso de política   I'm not into politics
12. [tolerar]
 pasar por algo   to put up with something



verbo pronominal Conjugaison
1. [acabarse]   Conjugaison to pass
 siéntate hasta que se te pase   sit down until you feel better
2. [emplear - tiempo]   Conjugaison to spend, Conjugaison to pass
 se pasaron el día hablando   they spent all day talking
3. [desaprovecharse]   to slip by
 se me pasó la oportunidad   I missed my chance
4. [estropearse - comida]   Conjugaison to go off
[ - flores]   Conjugaison to fade
5. [cambiar de bando]
 pasarse a   to go over to
6. [omitir]   Conjugaison to miss out
 te has pasado una página   you've missed a page out
7. [olvidarse]
 pasársele a alguien   to slip somebody's mind
 se me pasó decírtelo   I forgot to mention it to you
8. [no fijarse]
 pasársele a alguien   to escape somebody's attention
 no se le pasa nada   he never misses a thing
9. [excederse]
 pasarse de generoso/bueno   to be far too generous/kind
10. (familiar) [propasarse]   to go too far, to go over the top
 te has pasado diciéndole eso   what you said went too far o was over the top
11. [divertirse]
 ¿qué tal te lo estás pasando?   how are you enjoying yourself?
 pasárselo bien/mal   to have a good/bad time

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