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1. (UK) [telephone call]
 to give sb a ring   dare un colpo di telefono a qn
2. [sound of bell]   squillo m
3. [quality, tone]
 a familiar ring   un qualcosa di familiare
 there's a ring of truth about it   sembra plausibile
4. [circular object]   anello m, cerchio m
 curtain ring   anello per tenda
5. [piece of jewellery]   anello m
6. [of people, trees]   cerchio m
7. [for boxing]   ring m inv, quadrato m
8. [gang]   giro m
 to run rings around sb (fig)   dare dei punti a qn



[rɪŋ] ( pt rang, pp rung, pt & pp ringed )
transitive verb Conjugaison
1. (  rang  rung)
(UK) TELEC [person]   telefonare a
2. (  rang  rung)
[bell, doorbell]   suonare
3. (  ringed)
[draw a circle around]   cerchiare
4. (  ringed)
[surround]   circondare
 to be ringed with sthg   essere circondato ( f circondata) da qc



[rɪŋ] ( pt rang, pp rung )
intransitive verb Conjugaison
1. (UK) TELEC [person]   telefonare
[phone]   squillare
2. [bell, doorbell]   suonare
3. [in order to attract attention]
 to ring for sb/sthg   chiamare qn/qc col campanello
4. [resound]
 to ring with sthg   risuonare di qc
 to ring true   suonare vero ( f vera)


ring back

transitive verb separable & intransitive verb Conjugaison


ring off

intransitive verb Conjugaison
(UK)   riattaccare, mettere giù


ring out

intransitive verb Conjugaison
1. (liter) [sound]   risuonare
2. (UK) TELEC   chiamare una linea esterna


ring up

transitive verb separable Conjugaison
(UK)   telefonare a