Traduction de cour



nom féminin
  1. [d'immeuble]     courtyard
    [de ferme]     yard, farmyard
      avec vue sur (la) cour    looking onto the inside of the building ou onto the courtyard
      cour d'honneur    main courtyard
      cour de récréation éducation    playground
      jouer dans la cour des grands (figuré)    to be up there with the leaders
      cour des Miracles histoire   area in Paris where vagrants had the right of sanctuary
      c'était la cour des Miracles dans la salle d'attente (figuré)    the waiting room was utter bedlam
  2. [d'un roi]     court
    (figuré) [admirateurs]     following, inner circle (of admirers)
      être bien/mal en cour    to be in/out of favour
  3. droit [magistrats]     court
      Messieurs, la Cour !    all rise !, be upstanding in court ! (UK)
      cour d'appel    Court of Appeal, appellate court (US)
      cour d'assises   Crown Court (UK),   Circuit court (US)
      Cour de cassation    final Court of Appeal
      Cour européenne des droits de l'homme    European Court of Human Rights
      Cour Internationale de justice    International Court of Justice
      Haute cour    High Court (for impeachment of president or ministers)
  4. administration
      Cour des comptes   the French audit office,   controller and auditor general (UK),   General Accounting Office (US)
  5. (locution)
      faire la cour à quelqu'un    to court somebody, to woo somebody
This is the court which hears criminal cases. It is made up of a president, two assessors, and a jury of laymen. Normally the court meets every three months in each département.

The highest court of civil and criminal appeal in France. The court has the power to overturn the decisions of lower courts when it believes the law has been misinterpreted. It does not rehear cases but simply analyses the way the law was applied.

A state body that supervises the financial affairs of public bodies and local authorities, and monitors the way public funds are used.

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