Traduction de bail



(pl   baux) [baj, bo]
nom masculin
  1. [de location]     lease
      prendre quelque chose à bail    to take out a lease on something
      faire/passer un bail    to draw up/to enter into a lease
      bail commercial/professionnel/rural    commercial/professional/rural lease
      bail à construction    construction lease
      bail d'habitation    house-letting (UK), rental lease (US)
  2. (locution)
      il y a ou ça fait un bail que ... (familier)    it's been ages since ...
      ça fait un bail qu'il ne m'a pas téléphoné    it's been ages since he last phoned me, he hasn't phoned me for ages
In France, the usual duration of the bail or lease for private rented accommodation is three years. The expression bail à céder, often seen on signs in shop windows, means that the lease on the shop or office is for sale.

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