Traduction de baccalauréat



nom masculin
  final secondary school examination, qualifying for university entrance,   A-levels (UK),   high school diploma (US)
The baccalauréat or bac is taken by students who have completed their final year at the lycée ; successful candidates may go to university. There are three main types (filières) of bac, each corresponding to a specific field : bac L (littéraire) being arts-oriented, bac S (scientifique) science-based and bac ES (économique et social) economics and social studies. Within each domain various obligatory and optional subjects can be combined to give up to eleven different types of diploma. There is also the bac professionnel which offers thirty-eight different specialist or vocational subjects.
The different levels of studies in France are referred to in terms of Bac + (Bac + 2 for the DEUG, Bac + 3 for the licence, Bac + 4 for the maîtrise, Bac + 5 for a DEA or a DESS) and are used in job advertisements, CVs and day-to-day life in order to indicate one's level or years of studies.

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