sustantivo femenino
1. [generalmente]   union
 en unión de   together with
 Unión Africana   African Union
2. [suma, adherimiento]   joining together
3. TECNOL   join, joint

Unión de hecho
Some of Spain's autonomous regions (e.g. Madrid, Andalucía and the Basque Country) have set up a means whereby unmarried couples in a stable relationship can officially register themselves as forming a unión de hecho (civil partnership or civil union). This entitles them to many of the same rights as married couples (e.g. when adopting a child, or when applying for public housing), though laws relating to pensions and inheritance are excluded, as they are governed by state law. The Catholic Church has objected to such laws, particularly because they may give the same rights to homosexual as heterosexual couples. Similar recognition has been sought (and has given rise to similar controversy) in some Latin American countries (e.g. Argentina and Chile).

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