sustantivo femenino
1. [del día]   hour
 a primera hora   first thing in the morning
 a última hora [al final del día]   at the end of the day
[en el último momento]   at the last moment
 dar la hora   to strike the hour
 de última hora [noticia]   latest, up-to-the-minute
[preparativos]   last-minute
 última hora   stop press
 (pagar) por horas   (to pay) by the hour
 poner el reloj en hora   to set one's watch o clock
 hora de dormir   bedtime
 horas de oficina/trabajo   office/working hours
 hora local/oficial   local/official time
 hora punta o pico (Amér)   rush hour
 horas extraordinarias   overtime (uncountable noun)
 horas libres   free time (uncountable noun)
 horas de visita   visiting times
 horas de vuelo   flying time sg
 media hora   half an hour
2. [momento determinado]   time
 ¿a qué hora sale?   what time o when does it leave?
 es hora de irse   it's time to go
 es hora de cenar   it's time for supper
 a la hora   on time
 cada hora   hourly
 en su hora   when the time comes, at the appropriate time
 ¿qué hora es?   what time is it?
 hora de cerrar   closing time
 hora H   zero hour
3. [cita]   appointment
 pedir/dar hora   to ask for/give an appointment
 tener hora en/con   to have an appointment at/with
4. [muerte]
 llegó mi hora   my time has come
5. (loc)
 a altas horas de la noche   in the small hours
 a buenas horas (mangas verdes)   it's a bit late now
 en mala hora   unluckily
 la hora de la verdad   the moment of truth
 no ver la hora de hacer algo [no tener tiempo]   not to know when one is going to find time to do something
[estar ansioso]   not to be able to wait to do something
 tener las horas contadas   to have one's days numbered
 ¡ya era hora!   and about time too!

Hora inglesa
In much of Latin America, punctuality is not given the same importance as in the UK or USA. In an ironic recognition of this cultural difference, some people will specify hora inglesa (literally “English time”) when they mean “punctually” or “on the dot”.

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