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[pɪt] ( pt & pp pitted, cont pitting )
1. [large hole]   fossa f
2. [small, shallow hole]   buca f
3. [for orchestra]   golfo m mistico
4. [mine]   miniera f
5. [quarry]   cava f
6. (US) [of fruit]   nocciolo m
 the pit of one's stomach   la bocca dello stomaco



[pɪt] ( pt & pp pitted, cont pitting )
transitive verb Conjugaison
 to be pitted against sb   essere messo ( f messa) (a combattere) contro qn
 to pit one's wits against sb/sthg   cimentarsi mentalmente con qn/qc



plural noun
1. [in motor racing]
 the pits   i box
2. (inf) [awful]
 the pits   uno schifo