verbo intransitivo
[andare dentro]   Conjugaison to go in
[venire dentro]   Conjugaison to come in
 entra!   come in!
 entri pure   do come in
 entrare in qc [stato, attività]   to move into sthg
[trovare posto]   to fit in o into sthg
[essere ammesso]   to join sthg
 entrare in casa   to go in o indoors
 entrare in acqua   to go into the water
 entrare in campo/in scena   to come onto the field/stage
 entrare in guerra   to go to war
 entrare in politica   to go into politics
 entrare a qn   to fit sb
 entrare a far parte di qc   to join sthg
 questo non c'entra   it has nothing to do with it
 entrare in possesso di qc   to come into (possession of) sthg
 entrare in vigore   to come into force o effect

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