past tense & past participle
→ grind



1. [surface of earth]   suelo m
[soil]   tierra f
 above/below ground   sobre/bajo tierra
 on the ground   en el suelo
 to be thin on the ground   ser escaso ( f escasa)
 to get something off the ground (fig)   poner algo en marcha
2. [area of land]   terreno m
sport   campo m
3. [subject area]   terreno m
 to be on familiar ground   pisar terreno conocido
 to break fresh or new ground   abrir nuevas fronteras
4. [advantage]
 to gain/lose ground   ganar/perder terreno
 to cut the ground from under somebody's feet   tomar la delantera a alguien
 to go to ground   esconderse, refugiarse
 to run something/somebody to ground   encontrar (finalmente) algo/a alguien
 to stand one's ground   mantenerse firme



transitive verb Conjugaison
1. [base]
 to be grounded on or in something   basarse en algo
2. [aircraft, pilot]   hacer permanecer en tierra
3. (US & inf) [child]   castigar sin salir
4. (US) ELEC
 to be grounded   estar conectado ( f conectada)a tierra



plural noun
1. [reason]
 grounds (for something/for doing something)   motivos mpl (para algo/para hacer algo)
 on the grounds of   por motivos de
 on the grounds that   aduciendo que, debido a que
2. [around house]   jardines mpl
[of public building]   terrenos mpl
3. [of coffee]   posos mpl
4. [area]   zona f

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