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( pl mani )
sostantivo femminile
1. [gen]   hand
 a mano   by hand
 fatto a mano   handmade
 lavare a mano   to handwash
 a mano armata   armed
 a mano libera   freehand
 dare una mano a qn   to give sb a hand
 avere o tenere qc in mano   to be holding sthg
 prendere qn per mano   to take sb by the hand
 avere le mani bucate   to spend money like water
 avere le mani legate [essere impotente]   to have one's hands tied
 avere qc per le mani (fig)   to have sthg in hand
 darsi la mano   to shake hands
 mano nella mano   hand in hand
 starsene con le mani in mano   to be doing nothing
 venire alle mani   to come to blows
 di seconda mano   secondhand
2. [di vernice]   coat


Mani Pulite

sostantivo femminile plurale
 an investigation into bribes involving Italian political parties at the beginning of the 1990s