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verbo intransitivo Conjugaison
1. [a un sitio]
 llegar (de)   to arrive (from)
 estar al llegar [persona]   to be on one's way (over)
[acontecimiento]   to be coming up
 llegar a un hotel/una ciudad   to arrive at a hotel/in a city
 llegaré pronto   I'll be there early
2. [un tiempo, la noche etc]   Conjugaison to come
3. [durar]
 llegar a o hasta   to last until
4. [alcanzar]
 llegar a   to reach
 no llego al techo   I can't reach the ceiling
 llegar hasta   to reach up to
5. [ser suficiente]
 llegar (para)   to be enough (for)
6. [lograr]
 llegar a (ser) algo   to get to be something, to become something
 llegar a hacer algo   to manage to do something
 si llego a saberlo   if I get to know of it
7. [atreverse]
 llegó a decirme ...   he went as far as to say to me ...


llegarse a

verbo pronominal
  to go round to