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sustantivo femenino
1. [pieza]   coin
 moneda suelta   small change (uncountable noun)
 pagar a alguien con o en la misma moneda   to pay somebody back in kind
 ser moneda corriente   to be commonplace
2. [divisa]   currency
 moneda débil/fuerte   weak/strong currency
 moneda corriente   legal tender
 moneda divisionaria o fraccionaria   minor unit of currency
 moneda única   single currency

La Moneda
The “Palacio de la Moneda”, also known simply as La Moneda, is the name of the Chilean Presidential Palace and the seat of the government in the capital, Santiago. Originally built under Spanish colonial rule as the Royal Mint (1805), it became the presidential palace in 1846. It was severely damaged on September 11 1973, when president Salvador Allende attempted to resist the military coup led by General Augusto Pinochet, though the palace was eventually rebuilt, and has now been opened to the public.