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sustantivo femenino
1. [rostro, aspecto]   face
 a cara descubierta   openly
 cara a [frente a]   facing
 cara a cara   face to face
 de cara [sol, viento]   in one's face
 poner cara de tonto   to pull a stupid face
 tener buena/mala cara [persona]   to look well/awful
 tener cara de enfadado   to look angry
 tiene cara de ponerse a llover   it looks as if it's going to rain
2. [lado]   side
GEOM   face
3. [de moneda]   heads (uncountable noun)
 cara o cruz   heads or tails
 echar algo a cara o cruz   to toss (a coin) for something
4. (familiar) [osadía]   cheek
 tener (mucha) cara, tener la cara muy dura   to have a cheek
5. [parte frontal]   front
6. (loc)
 se le cayó la cara de vergüenza   she blushed with shame
 cruzar la cara a alguien   to slap somebody in the face
 dar la cara por alguien   to make excuses for somebody
 de cara a   with a view to
 decir algo a alguien en o a la cara   to say something to somebody's face
 echar en cara algo a alguien   to reproach somebody for something
 hacer cara a   to stand up to
 por su linda cara, por su cara bonita   because his/her face fits
 romper o partir la cara a alguien   to smash somebody's face in
 tener dos caras   to be two-faced
 verse las caras [pelearse]   to have it out
[enfrentarse]   to fight it out