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Dictionnaire anglais-italien

Dictionnaire anglais-italienCe dictionnaire permet de consulter un des plus importants dictionnaires bilingues Anglais / Italien des Éditions Larousse.

  • Un dictionnaire de 100 000 mots et expressions
  • 130 000 traductions pour illustrer chaque sens d’un mot
  • De nombreux proverbes et expressions idiomatiques
  • La conjugaison des verbes irréguliers anglais
  • Un hypertexte sur tous les mots : En cliquant sur chacun des mots de l'article, vous accéderez aux traductions


In addition to Italian, the official language, Italy has a host of dialects, which are used primarily in speaking rather than in writing. Dialects vary from region to region and even within a region. Italian itself is based on the dialect of Tuscany.


In e-mails you can use any of the standard phrases you use when starting or ending a letter, however it is not necessary to include these. When replying to an e-mail, even in a professional context, it is common to miss out any greeting at the start or end of the message. You can use informal language when e-mailing friends, but in a professional context, or if you are writing to someone you do not know very well or do not know at all, it is better to be more formal.

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